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Hi Everyone,

This is my first ever blog post in SCN. I
am writing this blog as a part of the Data Geek Challenge III under the category House of Spirits relating to Social Good.

  My SAP BusinessObjects Lumira storyboard main objective is to analyse population attending educational institution by age,gender and type of Educational Institution in India. Downloaded the data from the Govt of India website and reformatted in way to get the best out SAP Lumira.

Data Sources:  Link to data

Dataset specification is shown below:

Age GroupDimension
Total PopulationMeasure
Males in Total PopulationMeasure
Females in Total PopulationMeasure
Total People Attending InstitutionsMeasure
Males in People Attending InstitutionsMeasure
Females in People Attending InstitutionsMeasure
People Attending SchoolsMeasure
Males Attending SchoolsMeasure
Females Attending SchoolsMeasure
People Attending CollegesMeasure
Males Attending CollegesMeasure
Females Attending CollegesMeasure
People Attending Vocational InstitutesMeasure
Males Attending Vocational InstitutesMeasure
Females Attending Vocational InstitutesMeasure
People Attending Other InstitutesMeasure
Males Attending Other InstitutesMeasure
Females Attending Other InstitutesMeasure
People Attending Literacy CentersMeasure
Males Attending Literacy CentersMeasure
Females Attending Literacy CentersMeasure

Also created some Calculated Measures which will be more helpful to gain insight of the data.

Females not Attending Institutions

{Females in Total Population} - {Females in People Attending Institutions}

Males not Attending Institutions

{Males in Total Population} - {Males in People Attending Institutions}

People not Attending Institutions

{Total Population} - {Total People Attending Institutions}

Access the Story : Storyboard in SAP Lumira Cloud  (Need SAP Lumira Cloud Account)

Underlying Story based on the Data:

Page 1:

              This page gives insight about population of a State  and people attending Intuitions.

Page 2:

                   This page also gives insight about  people attending Intuitions by State .

Page 3:

           This page gives insight about population of a state by Gender and States where Senior Citizens are attending Intuitions.Input control to filter by State is provided for all the next pages.

Page 4:

               This page deals with people attending Literacy centres by Gender.

Page 5:

               This page deals with people attending Intuitions,Total Population by age group and Gender.

Page 6:

               This page deals with people not attending any Intuitions by Gender by State.


The Storyboard gives information about States where people are attending Literacy centres and where people are not attending institutions. Further steps can be taken to encourage people to attend institutions based on their age group, Gender. This gives a chance to create new policies and launch new campaigns by Government to encourage people attend Institutions.

Looking forward to contribute more in SCN.

Wishing everyone Good Luck for all the participants of DataGeek Challenge.

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