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Hi All,

After accepting the DataGeek Challenge. I decided to do the analysis on Video Games, where i am freak on playing "First Person Shooter Games".

Allegiance :


After surfing a lot to find the perfect data for analysis, i got them into the Wikipedia vastly.

List of best-selling video games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Providing the entire data from the link and the related link will be definitely hard to come to an conclusion on best selling Game & Brand. Here i have taken few scenario which can help you to view the data in detailed.

From the above screenshot, we can identify the best selling games by the Platform & Firm. I personally felt the heat map is exact chart to depict the data.

Its way more easier now to swap the data from ascending to descending. The above picture is displayed in descending order.

Same data used to display in different chart. From the above its clearly proven the Nintendo has the more platforms and grossing compared to others.

Using the filters I have taken the only the most selling brand and their platforms.

Now we can see about the particular games which has ruled the gamer's and sold in millions.

My most favorite Tetris is leading in the Sale. :smile:

Now let us see the Top 5 grossing of all brands.

Note: All numbers are given here is in millions. Hope you have got a fair idea about the Game & its Brand.

Best Wishes Participants. :smile:

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