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As we all know SAP HANA is one of the best and fastest appliances to get information on the fly but to do that it needs DATA. There are different techniques available to move the data into SAP HANA DB. In here we are going to discuss on, how we can load data to SAP HANA using Direct Extractor Connection (DXC).

SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) is providing foundational data models to SAP HANA, which is based on SAP Business Suite entities. Data in SAP Systems requires application logic to satisfy the Business Needs.SAP Business Content Data Source Extractors have been available for many years as a basis for data modeling and data acquisition for SAP Business Warehouse. Now, with DXC, these SAP Business Content Data Source Extractors are available to deliver data directly to SAP HANA.

A key point about DXC is it is batch-driven Process and in many use cases, batch-driven data acquisition at certain intervals is sufficient, for example, every 15 minutes.

Here is the key points to Choose DXC

  • Reduces complexity of data modeling tasks in SAP HANA significantly as data sends to HANA after applying all Business content Extractors Logics in Source System
  • Speeds up time lines for SAP HANA implementation projects
  • Provide semantically rich data from SAP Business Suite to SAP HANA
  • Reuses existing proprietary extraction, transformation, and load mechanism built into SAP Business Suite systems over a simple HTTP(S) connection to SAP HANA ( low TCO)
  • Requires no additional server or application in the system landscape(Simplicity)

Limitations for DXC

  • Business Suite System based on Net Weaver 7.0 or higher (e.g. ECC) with at least the following SP level:Release 700 SAPKW70021 (SP stack 19, from Nov 2008)
  • Data Source must have a key field defined Procedure exists to define a key if one is not already defined
  • Certain Data Sources may have specific limitations
    • Inventory types, e.g. 2LIS_03_BF –data requires special features only available in BW Certain Utilities Data Sources –can work with one and only one receiving system Some Data Sources are not delta enabled –not a specific issue for DXC or HANA, but something to take into account

From SAP NetWeaver version 7.0, SAP Business Warehouse (BW) is part of SAP NetWeaver, for example, ERP (ECC 6.0 or higher). This BW system is referred to as an “embedded BW system”. Typically, this embedded BW system is not used because most customers who run BW have it installed on a separate server, and they rely on that one. The default DXC configuration uses the scheduling and monitoring features of the embedded BW system but not its other aspects. DXC extraction processing bypasses the normal dataflow and sends data to SAP HANA instead. Below are the different configurations for SAP Business suite systems.

SAP Business Suite systems based on SAP Net weaver 7.0 or Higher

  • Example ECC 6.0  ( Using Embedded BW )

SAP Business Suite systems Lower than SAP Net weaver 7.0

  • Example ERP 4.6 (Using  Sidecar Approach , in this case BW needs to exist in your landscape)

Steps to Configure DXC

Enabling XS Engine and ICM Service

  • SAP HANA Extended Application Services
  • SAP Web Dispatcher Service

Setup SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection

  • Implement Mandatory Notes as per Installation Guide.
  • Set DXC Connection in SAP HANA
  • Import Delivery Unit.
  • Configure XS Application server to Utilize the DXC.
  • Verify the DXC is Operational.
  • Define User and Schema in HANA Studio
  • Define http connection to HANA in SAP BW (SM59)
  • Configure the Data Sources in BW to Replicate the Structure to HANA defined schema
  • Load the data to HANA using Info package in SAP BW

Enabling XS Engine and ICM Service

Change the Instance Value to “ 1 ”  In xsengine Service in SAP HANA Studio Configuration tab to Enable XS Engine which will handle Control flow Logic. Refer the Installation Guide for the same.

Enabling web dispatcher service In SAP HAN Studio

Change the Instance Value 0 to 1 in sapwebdisp in SAP HANA Studio Configuration tab to enable the ICM Web dispatcher (it uses ICM Method to Load or Read the data from SAP HANA. This method Support Large Volumes of data. In BWA Also we use the same when Cube Having High volume of data.

Check the XS Engine Service

Access the XS Engine using below address in IE.

- http://<host name>:80<instance Number>

Set DXC Connection in SAP HANA

Download the DXC delivery unit into SAP HANA if it is not done along with SAP HANA installation. you can import the unit in the location /usr/sap/HDB/SYS/global/hdb/content .

     - import the Unit using Import Dialog in SAP HANA Content Node

Configure XS Application server to Utilize the DXC

     - Change the application_container value to libxsdxc ( if any value existed append it)

Test the DXC is Connection.

     - Check the DXC Connection Using below path in IE

     - http://<hostname>:80<instance Number>/sap/hana/dxc/dxc.xscfunc

     - It requires a user name and password to connect.

Define http connection in SAP BW

Now We need to create a http connection in SAP BW Using T-code SM59 .

Input Parameters

     -- RFC Connection = Name of RFC Connection

     -- Target Host = HANA Host Name

     -- Service Number = 80 <Instance Number >

In Log on Security Tab Maintain the DXC user created in HANA studio using basic Authentication method.

After that we need to test the connection

Embedded BW (or Sidecar) Parameters for HANA

Need to Setup the Following Parameters in BW Using Program SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN ( T-code SE38 or SA38)

Parameters List in Program

PSA_TO_HDB_DESTINATION : Where we need to Move the Incoming data ( in Here we need to Give the value which we create in SM59) ( in                                                                                                                     here XC_HANA_CONNECTION_HANAS)

PSA_TO_HDB_SCHEMA :To Which schema the replicated data Need to Assign

PSA_TO_HDB : GLOBAL – To Replicate All data source to HANA

                          SYSTEM – Specified clients to Use DXC

                           DATASOURCE – Only Specified Data Source are used for

PSA_TO_HDB_DATASOURCETABLE : Need to Give the Table Name which having the List of data sources which are used for DXC.

Data Source Replication, Data Loading

Install data source in ECC using RSA5.In here we have taken data source 0FI_AA_20

( FI-AA: Transactions and Depreciation). Replicate the Meta data Using Specified application Component (data source version Need to 7.0 version. If we have 3.5 version data source we need to Migrate that . Active the data Source in SAP BW.

Once data source is activated in SAP BW it will create the following Table in Defined schema.

  • /BIC/A<data source>00 – IMDSO Active Table
  • /BIC/A<data source>40 –IMDSO Activation Queue
  • /BIC/A<data source>70 – Record Mode Handling Table
  • /BIC/A<data source>80 – Request and Packet ID information Table
  • /BIC/A<data source>A0 – Request Timestamp Table
  • RSODSO_IMOLOG - IMDSO related table. Stores information about all data sources related to DXC.

Now data is successfully loaded into Table /BIC/A0FI_AA_2000 once it is activated.

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