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Hi All,

Some of you might have already know this, but this documentation is targeting new users who are confused, unsure or unaware of the methods to do Data Migration for SAP C4C Edge.

If you have done Data Migration before but not in Edge edition, you might notice that you need to download the template from the settings. However, in Edge, there's no template made available for downloading in the Settings. You might venture into the settings in SAP Edge but could not find a way to download the template to download and upload the data into the system. If all above is familiar to you, then this document might help you solve you problem.

Before i get started, if you do not already know there's a lot of helpful information found on the following link about SAP C4C Edge: SAP Digital for Customer Engagement. Inside there a section call Data Integration that is really useful.

Now, first you need to get the Data Loader Fields (Can be found in the above link in Data Integration Section) and place it in Microsoft Excel. You might find that there is a lot of Fields that may not be relevant to your customer or to you, it is okay to not include the fields. If you are wondering is it okay to use your own name for the field's header, yes you can, however it is recommended to follow the standard naming for easier mapping and are less complicated.

After you have completed with filling up of the fields, it should look like this:

For my case i only added Name and ProductID. You can leave status out cause it is a readonly field. Every time a product is added, the status will automatically be set to "Active".

Now, Save your Excel file as CSV format as follows:

Now open the newly saved Excel CSV file using Notepad and save it as UTF-8, as such:

For editing and viewing of the data, i would personally recommend the use of Notepad++, where it is more well organised and structured as compared to Notepad.

Now that you have successfully created the data for the customer, it is time to upload to the system.

In the C4C Edge, Go to the Settings Option, and Go to the Data tab, on the CSV line, click on the import link.

In the CSV Import page, select the Business Object you want to migrate your data to, then Browse for the created CSV file created and converted to UTF-8, and click Upload.

When the fields on the below part is available, map the fields on the BO to your created file's field, as such:

After it is done, scroll down and click on Import on the bottom right of the page.

When it is done, the system will send an email stating the results of the Data Integration.

Hope this helps!!

Best Regards,


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