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DATA MASK Transformation in SAP BODS


Now a day’s data security is very important to everyone for Personal data or company data.

The Data Mask transform enables you to protect personally identifiable information in your data. Personal information includes data such as credit card numbers, salary information, birth dates, personal identification numbers, or bank account numbers.

We use SAP BODS DATA MASK transformation, it will help to data masking to support security and privacy policies, and to protect your customer or employee information.

So before using this transformation we have create a source table first. The source table structure is shown as below




  1. After that we need to create a Project as PROJ_DATAMASK and under the project we are creating the batch job as JOB_DATAMASK and then we need to create Work Flow as WF_DATAMASK and then create Data Flow as DF_DATAMASK.



2. Drag source table into dataflow and then place query transformation with rename as  QRY_EXTR      And here we select the required fields from the schema in of the query transformation and map to      output to the schema out.



3. After that drag the data mask transformation. This Data Mask transform has 3 tabs as below

  1.  Input

  2. Options

  3. Output


Double click on the Base_DataMask , 3 tabs are opened


In this Input tab map the required source columns as shown in the below diagram


After that we will select Options tab. This tab allows to the masking option for each field, if we want  mask the more fields, we select the Mask Out option in the options tab and then right click on the Mask Out, it will create duplicate option.


And finally, we will go for Output tab. In this tab choose the required fields in the output tab


Save and validate the Job. After that execute job.



Source and target tables data are shown in the below screen shot




Data Mask transformation is very useful to secure and to protect your customer or employee information.
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