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Prompted by Get Your Data Geek Badges Today! by anita.yuen I noticed this:

"Mission 2: Share your Data Geek Knowledge - NEW"

I thought why not share a feature I've used with various types of data.  See a simple Excel example below:

I would like to separate the Name field into First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name...perhaps to load this into SAP?

First, I Googled the steps and they work in Excel, but I needed step-by-step directions:

These work but will I remember them when I need them next month?

Using SAP BusinessObjects Lumira I didn't have to search anything.  I simply opened the Data Manipulation tool after acquiring the data.

I select the Name column and select Split as shown above.

After I split the columns I simply rename the columns by double clicking on the column.

So now I have my desired First Name, Middle initial, and Last Name fields separated into columns. This was easy to use, not something I needed to look up and I'll remember it next time I need to do it.  I also find with large numbers of fields and columns Lumira is helpful to use against Excel.

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