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In October 2018, SAP announced Data Hub 2.3. In the below video,I will take you through the new features that this release brings and will also demonstrate the most important functionality.

The video will demonstrate the following:

  • Connecting with BW, HANA and an Azure Data lake

  • Data profiling and indexing

  • Connecting and loading data to HANA. In my example I will use a dataset which you can find in this excellent blog

  • Create an ETL process, using the Azure Data Lake and load the results back to the Data Lake

  • Report the data in SAP Analytics Cloud

In the demo I will use a very extensive data set which is made available by "Berkeley Earth":

The Berkeley Earth's Surface Temperature Study combines 1.6 billion temperature reports from 16 pre-existing archives. Date: starts in 1750 for average land temperature and 1850 for max and minus land and global ocean and land temperatures

I will enrich this data with GEO information and then visualize the new data set in SAP Analytics Cloud to see if we can indeed proof that temperatures are rising.

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