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Having totally owned the first Data Geek Challenge, I decided to go ahead and take on this year's iteration. What can I say? I look good in free t-shirts.

For this year's Data Geek Challenge, I decided to look at some data near and dear to my heart - the agenda of ASUG's SAP BusinessObjects User Conference (SBOUC).

After I pulled down the last 3 years worth of conference agenda, I opened SAP Lumira (need a free copy?) and set to combining all of the data into one big set and cleaning up the data for deeper analysis. Towards the end I even created a few simple visualizations and posted my data set to the SAP Lumira Cloud.

As you can see in the video (if you've got the patience for 18 minutes) SAP Lumira really does make it quick and easy to mash up data and make it usable.

Now, go out there and get in the game and prepare yourself to compete in Developer Wars!

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