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Hi SAP Community

This is my first blog and this is also first challenge I'm participating. I'm  from India and currently learning SAP HANA.

I chose my house as HOUSE OF HEALERS


Every time we burn fossil fuels such as gas, coal or oil, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. In a natural carbon cycle, carbon dioxide is re-absorbed by plants and trees. However, we are burning fuels where the carbon dioxide has been trapped under the earth's surface for millions of years, and we're doing it so quickly that plants and trees that are alive now have no chance of soaking it up (and it doesn't help that we're cutting down rainforests as well).

The effect of all this extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is that the overall temperature of the planet is increasing (global warming). Whilst the average global temperature is increasing, on a day-to-day level the climate is changing in unpredictable ways (from floods and hurricanes to heat waves and droughts).

Data Set:

CO2 emission by countryAnalysis and visualization of CO2 emissions by country

Making use of SAP Lumira  I was able to visualize the CO2 emission of each country and categories them accordingly.

Technical Details :

  • Software Used  : SAP Lumira
  • Version Used    :1.18.0
  • Build                  :1095
  • Data set Used   :CO2 Emission data

Types of Visualization:

1. CO2 Emission based on countries

Chart Builder Option : Geo choropleth chart option in Geographic charts

Use : To depict the geographical pattern distribution of CO2 emission  countries

Observation : Developed nations contribute highest CO2 emissions.

2.Top CO2 contributors between range 9.8-40.0 ppm (Parts Per Million)

Chart Builder Option : Line Chart

Use : To depict the distribution of CO2 emission countries from range 9.8-40.0 ppm

Observation : Highest contributor in 2010 is Qatar

3.Overall CO2 contributors

Chart Builder Option : Tag Cloud

Use : To depict top CO2 emission countries

Observation : Top 3 contributor  Quater, Kuwait ,Trinidad and Tobago

4. Consumption of CO2 in the year of 2009 and 2010

Chart Builder Option : Line Chart

Use : To depict the distribution of CO2 emission countries from 2009 and 2010

Observation :Netherlands have decreased there emission from  25.33 ppm in 2009 to 18.99 ppm in 2010

5. Bottom 10 countries with least CO2 emission

Chart Builder Option : Funnel Chart

Use : To depict lowest CO2 emitters.

Observation : The bottom three CO2 emitters in the world are Ethiopia,Eritrea and Mozambique


Based on the visualization we can conclude that most of the top CO2 emission of the world happens in Middle East nations followed by UAE and the lowest  occurs in South African nations.These analysis not only depicts the need to curb emissions but also find an alternate means of energy.

The pace of global warming is accelerating and the scale of the impact is devastating. The time for action is limited - we are approaching a tipping point beyond which the opportunity to reverse the damage of CO2 emissions will disappear.

Eliot Spitzer

Thanks everybody! I hope you have enjoyed my analysis.

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