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Hi everybody!!

This is my first blog post on SDN. I'm from Brazil and I decided participate from challenge with a analysis of a government project.

First, I would like to point out that in Brazil we find many difficulties in having access to certain government data. Lately the governmental agency responsible for research in Brazil (IBGE) is undergoing many questions about its credibility after a series of polls released containing incorrect information.

As database I'm using the last available survey of PAC 2, available at:

What is PAC: The Growth Acceleration Program began under President Lula (2007-2010) with the aim to promote the resumption of the planning and execution of major works of social infrastructure, urban, logistics and energy of the country, contributing to its rapid and sustainable development.

As a continuation of President Lula government, President Dilma (2010-2014) launched the PAC 2, which is the basis for this analysis, as a continuation of the PAC.

The PAC projects are divided into six major groups, called Sub-Axes, which are divided into Types of investment Projects.

About the investment costs ​​of the Projects: Many projects contained in PAC 2 don’t have costs ​​published, based on a federal law which allows that costs of projects do not have to be disclosed (Differentiated Contracting Regime – 12. 462/11). For this reason, from where I am analyzing the costs of investment, it is only being considered the projects that have the costs of their investment disclosed.

Based on this piece of information, I present the first fact: Only 54% of the PAC 2 projects have costs ​​disclosed:

  • Status of the PAC 2 projects:

  • Among the PAC 2 projects, the major projects in terms of materiality, relevance or impact, were classified as Emblematic:

  • Emblematic projects per Sub-Axes and Types of investment Project:

  • The ones that are greatly in charge of the executions of the projects based on the number of projects and costs of investment:

  • The governmental agencies responsible for monitoring the project, according to the investment cost:

  • Below are represented the six Sub-axes of the program, with their respective costs ​​of investment by Type of Business:

Among the Housing Sub-axis, there is a program that has great visibility for the government, known as Minha Casa Minha Vida (MCMV). It is a housing program for financing housing units with priority for low-income families.

  • Costs ​​of investment by state:

  • Costs ​​of investment by region:

Thanks everybody! I hope you have enjoyed that analysis.

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