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Accidental Deaths have become a huge concern in the era of Modern world. Escpecially in India which ranks 2nd in the world in terms of population count , accidental deaths have  grown exponentially every year. Theprimary  reason for these accidental deaths being Natural Diasters & Un-Natural causes.

Natural Diasters are out of Human control and cant be brought under control. However, Un-Natural causes happen out of Human error, which can drastically be brought under control by formulating policies and laws.

As can be observed in this blog major Accidental Deaths due to Un-Natural reasons has been resulted out of Road and Rail accidents that take place every year in India.

This analysis gives a picture and understanding of the human loses caused due to Road Accidents in India for the year 2013. The causes for these accidents have been analysed and presented using the analytical software medium of SAP LUMIRA.

  1. Below graph specifies the accidental deaths casues by Natural and Un-Natural causes from year 2009 to 2013. Blue color represets Deaths caused by Un-natural reasons. While Green represents death caused due to Natural reasons.


  1. In the last 5 years, major death reason being Un-Natural causes.
  2. Un-natural causes happen due to Human error, and hence they can be  drastically mitigated.

  1. Below Donut chart represents possible causes responsible for the accidental deaths in the year 2013. Colors define the various reason for the accidental deaths.


  1. a. 34.3% of total accidental deaths were caused by Road Accidents in 2013.
  2. b. 7.20% of accidents were caused due to Rail road accidents in 2013.
  3. c. Major concern for the accidental deaths in 2013 being  Road Accidents & Rail road accidents.

  1. Road Accidents being responsible for major human losses; lets drill down Road accidents in more detail for further pictorial representations using SAP LUMIRA.

Radar chart provides a visual of the Road accident deaths as compared to the total accidental deaths for years 2009 to 2013. As seen below Road accidental deaths occupy the major chunk of total Un-Natural deaths for the past 5 years, ranging from 30-40% of total Un-Natural deaths.

Blue web represents the Road accidental deaths while the Green web represents the Total Un-Natural deaths.

  1. Road accidents not only cause deaths, most of them lead to heavy injuries making people handicapped. This is again a major problem for the injured, to manage their further life, staying handicapped.

Below Bar Chart gives the picture of Number of Accidental Cases lodged, Persons Injured and Person Died for year 2009 to year 2013.

Blue- Road Accident Cases in thousands

Green- People Injured in thousands

Yellow- People died in thousands

  1. In order to get further detailed insight into the  Road Accident issue, Road accident cases were further classified based on the state in which the accidents took place.

Geo Bubble is the result of this analysis giving a perfect insight of this scenario.

Below Geo Bubble chart represents 10 states which have the highest Road Accidental death occurrences in the year 2013.

Below Geo Bubble chart represents 10 states which have the least Road Accidental death occurrences in the year 2013.


  1. Most death occurrences were reported from Uttar Pradesh (15,630), Tamil Nadu (15,563) and Andhra Pradesh (14,647).
  2. Least Death occurrences were reported from Nagaland (35), Sikkim (68) and Mizoram (97).

  1. Number of Road Traffic Accident cases lodged in 2013 are plotted using the Heat Map solution provided by SAP Lumira. This gives us the exact idea of where each State stands in the number of Road accident cases/deaths.


  1. a. Tamil Nadu leads, followed by Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

  1. Vehicles that caused Road accident deaths have been plotted using below pie chart. Two wheeler vehicles have most accident rates in India.


  1. a.       Most of the road accident took place when using two wheelers, 24.9%.
  2. b.      After Two wheelers follow Truck/Lorry with 17.5%.

  1. Male-Female death occurrences in road accident have been plotted using below 3D bar chart. As mentioned earlier most accidents took place on Two Wheelers.


  1. Female deaths have been observed most for Two wheelers
  2. Male deaths have been observed most for Two Wheelers.
  3. Least female deaths have been observed for Bicycles.
  4. Least male deaths have been observed for Bicycles.

  1. Victims in Road Accidents belong to different age groups. Age groups involved in Road accidents is another area of curiosity.

The same has been plotted using a Donut Chart.


  1. a.       51.9% victims belong to 25-65 years age group.
  2. Following 26-65 years age groups comes 15-24 years age group with 30.3%.

  1. Time of day is another point to be noted. The time of day when most accident happen is an important thing to note and analyse.

The same has been plotted using below Donut Chart.


  1. a. Major accidents(40.15%) took place during evening time(6pm – 12noon)
  2. b. Evening time is followed by Morning  time (6am – 12noon) with 28.84% accidents.
  3. c. Afternoon time (12noon – 6pm) is at third position with 21.8%.

  1. Finally causes of road accidents are an important thing to analyse which will help reduce the number of accidents that take place every year.

The bar chart explained below shows the major causes that were responsible for road accidents in India. If these causes are brought under control we could be successful in mitigating the risks of Road accidental deaths and occurrences.


  1. Most road accidents were caused due to ‘No Indicator lights’.
  2. 2nd cause being ‘Not following Speed limits’
  3. While 3rd reason being ‘No road Signs.’

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