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Hi All,

                  I am following Lumira, but i am new in using it. And its really interesting to be part of this Data Geek Challenge and now i started learning doing Visualizations. And thanks for the people for publishing data in the Lumira Sample data blog for Data Geek Chellenge. And i took some sample data in Excel,

Which have movies with Budget and Profitability and Rating in Rotten Tamatos and Audience Score.

So data Sample that i took for this challenge will be like Below:

And Based on this Data using Cloud Lumira i have done some Visualizations as Below.

Basically If it is an Hollywood Movie ther will be some talk about budget . Lets see Top 10 Big Budget Movies in 2010.

And to tell, In that Funnel Chart it shows Man of Steel is a Big Budget movie with 225 Millions. But dont be fooled about that chart, because Top Second one The Desolation of Smaug is having Same Budget.And percentage is some thing like whats its percentage contribution with all that 10 ten.

And Profitable 10 Ten Movies are like below, (Its shows percentage recovered when Comapared to Budget).And we can see that Insidious Chaper 2 is More Profitable with 3230.06 % Recovery . And no where we can see Man of Steel in Top 10.

And Lets see the Movies With Highest Number of Theatre Released and highest Opening Weekend US in Collection. And we can see that Iron Man 3 got more collections and it released in more theatres.

And When comparing all movies and there budget Tag will be as below.

And now lets see the Profitable Distributors in 2013. And we can see Universal Studios as Profitable Distributer.

And in the last i want show the Best rated movies in 2013 in Rotten tomatos and Audience Rating if we want to watch the Movie Again. And Dont Miss Cloud with a Chance of Meatballs 2 movie best rated by both Rotten Tomatoes and Audience Score. And Title of this movie seems very intresting.

Thanks for this Chellenge and i started baby steps in Lumira.

Thanks and Regards


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