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It is my pleasure to participate Data Geek Challenge, I am not the Data Geek, but through this challenge I just tried. :smile:


Due to my interest on traveling, I choose the travel & tourism data for analysis.

Most of the statistical data we received from Singapore Tourism Board , some of them shared by fellow sap mentor Clint, few from my manager. Now I am getting into the challenge with my small and big data.

How did we prepare for the data?

Since we get the data from multiple data sources, most of them are RAW data. Raw data doesn’t mean from txt format, for a change we downloaded the PDF version of statistical data and try to go.

We copied the raw data into txt file, later moved to excel by using Text Import

Text import feature in Excel and the other data manipulation options in SAPVisi, finally given kind of meaning full source data for analysis. Now the data ready for analysis.

What did we analyze and manipulate the data using SAPVisi?

As I understood SAPVisi is a column based tool. So when giving a raw data source you need to make sure whether the data is properly aligned for analysis.

For instance in our case, we would like to analyse

  1. Compare Number of visitors arrived last year by air and by land? (based on year)
  2. Compare the visitors between the countries and find out country from more visitors ( based on country)

But the input data are same, for this we need to change the row and column of the excel sheet accordingly using Text transpose, and Merge option in SAP Visi.

Comparison of Number of visitors arrived on last year by air/By Land

Compare visitors in the country and identify the highest country

What are the SAPVisi features we used?

Since the scenario has country included we use “Create Geography Hierarchy”.

For using this we get the analysis report in the geographical chart

When I merged two data sets, I used lots of manipulation function (Rename column name, remove column name, replace the value in the column) to bring the data appearance in the meaning full way.

Grouping the countries into South part/Northern Part and also grouping the month into Quarter

This helps to give the quarterly report as here

Merge two data sets. This helps us to provide compare air visitors and land visitors.

We almost used with all kind of Chart Types. For instance, below shows the delayed, on time and canceled airline code using bubble chart.

We used almost all the filtering option, below are Filtering the flight using airport code.

Filter option with the stacked column value provide the detail list of criticality in ticket processing data shared by my manager.

There are lots of pre built available as like in excel, we used only year function to return the year from the date.

"Share" , this is the other feature which I used to share with my manager.

Edit display color using preferences

What Business questions did we answer?

Using SAPVisi, we could easily answer

  1. Analyze monthly statistics for tourists visit in Singapore?
  2. How much the hotel revenue in the year 2011 by the tourists visit?
  3. Flight requirement and delay statistics?
  4. Analyze Male and female including age group tourist visitors in Singapore?

More analysis shared in the video here

Once again Thanks a lot for all who had given such a wonderful opportunity to me.

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