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Data Preparation

When deciding to purchase a car, usually a lot of thinking goes in... like budget, cars available in that budget, models, variants, features, kmpl, fuel/engine type, value for money etc.

I came up with a simple analysis about the passenger vehicle segment in India, and how it could help a customer understand the choices available under various categories. I prepared the data set by collecting information from various car manufacturer's web sites (for models, variants, pricing, engine specs, ARAI rated fuel efficiency) and independent auto review sites (to cross verify data) for almost all the brands/models that are currently sold in India.


SAP Lumira 1.14 provides numerous visualization options with variety of charts and it is fun analyzing the data sets. Geographic Chart types looked very interesting, but I had difficulty in coming up with a meaningful analysis using geographic charts for this data set. Below are the visual analyses that I have done using few of the chart types offered in Lumira 1.14.

  • Number of Variants by Fuel Type - The below Pie Chart shows Diesel being the most available engine type. Fuel cost is a big deciding factor for Indian customers while purchasing a car. Currently Diesel is being sold at government subsidized price whereas Petrol is sold at market price. That's the reason there are more number of Diesel vehicles.

  • Number of Variants by Body Type - The below Bar Chart shows Hatchback and Sedan as the most preferred and available type. With huge traffic, little to no parking space, ease of maneuverability and price advantage(reduced excise tax for being less than 4m in length) Hatchbacks and sub-4m Sedans are the most popular ones.

  • Number of Variants by Brand, classified by Fuel Type - The below Stacked Bar Chart shows the variety of vehicles available. With Diesel being the most preferred fuel type, all brands offer diesel variants.

  • Number of Variants by Model, filtered by Brand - The below Stacked Bar Chart presents the number of variants offered in each model with a sub classification of fuel/engine type. A brand filter is applied comparing data for two different brands.

  • Price of Entry Level and Top End Variants by Models, filtered by Brand - The below Line Chart presents the price gap between the entry level and top end variants, filtered by Brand. (Note: The prices indicated are ex-showroom price in Chennai)

  • Comparing Fuel Economy of Models - The below Heat Map presents the fuel economy of models categorized by the available engine types and filtered by Brand. (Note: These are ARAI rated fuel efficiency numbers and will not match the day-to-day on-road fuel efficiency numbers, but that'll give an idea of how much you can expect on road, ranging 50-90% depending on driving conditions).

  • Transmission Types Market Share - The below Donut Chart shows that Manual transmission vehicles are the most common type available.

  • Costliest and Cheapest City to buy a Car - With Taxes & Octroi charges varying drastically among state/region/city, price of a car varies based on which city you buy the car in. The below Tag Cloud shows, for Maruti Swift ZDi, New Delhi being the cheapest and Bhubaneshwar being the costliest city to buy. (Note: Prices are ex-showroom prices)

Story Board

With Visualizations complete, here comes the Story Board. Fully functional Story Board can be accessed at this SAP Lumira Cloud link -> (

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