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This blogs describes about my Internet browsing experience. Using SAP Lumira application, I have generated some graphical representations which shows top 10 Internet Browser ranked & rated by speed, consistency, reliability.

When I first started logged in SCN couple of months ago the first issue was related to SAP PI Module. I began my blog in Feb 2013, inspired by those being done by  Ravi Shankar Venna. My SCN blog topics focus on SAP PI, SAP Lumira, Career Network & SCN. I am planning to post many technical blogs related to SAP & SUP in future. I never make statements that might hurt the feelings of others or be offensive in any way. If I receive any comments from anyone, immediately I will take the action.

I prefer blog postings that aren’t too long; scrolling through a long page of text is sometimes beyond my time and attention span. I always enjoy seeing images, especially slide shows, and I appreciate being able to enlarge images from blogs. When I post to my blog I usually upload one or more images, or I include links to a website of interest. Sometimes I’m able to update my blog daily while at other times a week or more might pass before I have time to post.

Most of my blogs aren't too long. I always enjoy posting creative images, innovative ideas and interesting topics. Sometimes, I also include links to my blogs and documents which helps other to reference in detailed way. I’m always looking for interesting blogs that inspire me.I am happy to inform you that, blogging becomes my daily activity and it is my hobby now.

It always easy to browse the world wide web using internet browser and locate/access webpages. Using Internet browser we can read text, view images, play videos, listen to songs, download and upload videos etc., Internet browser play a vital part in daily activity for personal use, official & business purpose. One of my favorite blogs which help others to understand about the graphical representation using SAP Lumira. I think this type of blogs which motivate others to generate various types of graphs, tables, charts which will be very useful for their projects. So I have decided to merge Internet Browser with SAP Lumira.

Let's come to the point, why I have posted this blog?  :???:

Why graphical representation is important?  :???:

Why is our participation is important for graphical representation, tables, charts during client discussion ?  :???:

Answer for all the above questions : "Graphical presentation skills are important for Individual success, Business success, Time Management, Leadership".

With the help of graphical representation we can easily convey the message to our employee, managers as well as our clients. SAP Lumira application is one of the best and easy application to generate graphical representation, tables and charts much faster and easier.

I have decided to generate some interesting topic about "Internet Browser" which helps us to "Log in to the web link", "Browse to the contents" and "Excited about the performance". That's why I have decided to post this blog as " I Logged, I Browsed, I Excited"  :cool:

Using SAP Lumira and Excel Data sources, here are some of the Graphically represented figures below.  I choose various websites and analyzed about "Top 10 Internet Browsers in the World". Generated with pictorial representation of graphs and charts.

Also we can insert images as background for all the graphical representations. I have generated and attached graphical representation with images for your reference:

Top 10 Internet Browser:

Few more updates will be added soon!

Happy Updating and enjoy Data Geek Challenge!  :smile:

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