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Open Hub Destination functionality is used to distribute data from SAP BI to other non-SAP data systems. In earlier version, it was part of InfoSpoke but in SAP BI 7.0 this can be used independently.

Below we will see, how data can be extracted from a DSO to a csv file on desktop.

1) Execute transaction RSA1, Press 'Open Hub Destination'

2) Select Info Area and right click to 'Create Open Hub Destination.

3) Enter Name and Description of Open hub.

4) Go to 'Destination' tab; enter Destination Type as 'File type'. In this example, we will be exporting data in a csv file, select Directory to 'Desktop'.

5) Go to 'Fields Def.' tab; enter the name of Info Objects you would like to have in your exported file.

6) Activate the Open Hub Destination by pressing 'Activate' button.

7) Create Transformation. Enter source of transformation as DSO & name of DSO. Accept One to one mappings and activate.

8) Create Data Transfer Process for transferring data from DSO to Desktop as csv file.

9) Activate the DTP and execute it. Data will be exported to csv file which will be stored at the specified location on desktop.

10) Data is exported as the request is successful and monitor status is green.

11) Check the csv file on your desktop.

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