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Because I am a big coffee drinker, I thought, why not see where coffee is produced and where it is consumed?  What are the top coffee consumers and producers?

First I ran a query at USDA site

Unfortunately you can only select one measure at a time.  First I selected consumption and saved it to an Excel file.  Then I selected production.  Now I have two Excel files and I want to compare production versus consumption.  I could use a VLOOKUP in Excel to join the two, but I have always struggled remember the syntax.  Also Excel is not always an "analysis-friendly" tool.

So now I will try it with Lumira:

First, acquire the consumption data.  Then add the production data

Go to the Visualization Tab to “Link Datasets”

Define the link - in this case, based on country:

Create a simple visualization from coffee production dataset

Switch to consumption dataset

Now rank the top 5 coffee producers

Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Ethiopia are the top producers

Maybe everyone knew about these countries - I didn't realize that Vietnam was a top coffee producer

Top consumers include Europe, United States, Brazil (which makes both lists), Japan and Canada


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