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These days I am exploring the different scenarios about Data Access Control in SAP Datasphere, but I cannot find a detailed configuration online. So I would like to share my learning stories. There are different types of DAC patterns currently supported in Datasphere

  • Single value DAC
  • Operator and values DAC
  • Hierarchy DAC

This article will show a step-by-step configuration for Single value DAC and the outcome of the configuration

The other two types of DAC configuration will be explained in the upcoming two blogs

Blog of  


Disclaimer: all the data which created are for demo purpose, the approach is used to demo the functionality of the DAC configuration, not intended for production design or usage

  • Single value DAC

Create a dimension view based on a local table, there are four countries in place


Create a local fact table containing transaction data posted against four different counties, with different types of spending


Create a local table that serves as DAC single filter, the masked part is the email id, the allowed value this email address can see is 'gas'


Go to define Data Access Control section and create a DAC artifact, select the DAC single filter table as source


Create a fact view using the transaction data local table and add DAC single filter table, when we browse data from the local table, we can see all the data for each type, while browsing data on the fact view, we can only see one TYPE of spending (gas) which we defined in the DAC single filter table

Local table view:


Fact view has DAC configured will apply the single filter automatically:


Please feel free to share your comment or any questions you may have. Thank you










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