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I got very good SAP Note and Sharing with you folks.

1.     Variable dependency handled only at dashboard design

When these types of dependencies happen:

  • Hierarchy node variable depends on Hierarchy variable
  • BW variable depends on Key day variable
  • Filter defined at Query Panel depends on BW variable

The dependency will be only handled at the dashboard design, but will not be at when viewing the dashboard.Related SAP:Variable dependency:

2.     Hierarchy result objects are only displayed in the hierarchical table The only component to display the hierarchy result objects is hierarchical table. Other components like charts cannot display the hierarchy result objects.

3.      Binding BW BEx variable value from and to SpreadsheetSelected Values:

  • According to restriction of BICS, only Key values are expected as the values to pass for BW BEx Variables which have separate Key and Text, like Characteristic Variable, Hierarchy Variable, and Hierarchy Node Variable.
  • Text values are NOT expected values to pass for BW BEx Variable, error will be thrown and incorrect data will be returned.

Insert List of Values: For Hierarchy Node Variable, only the first level can be fetched and inserted into excel cells.The Version of BOE and Dashboards: Please make sure Dashboards designer version should be consistent with BI platform version.Localization problem: if the language of submitted Text for BW variable does not consist with the language setting for BO platform, no data will be matched and returned.

4.     New Design Time API not Implemented New Design Time API is an optimized API which defined by semantic layer and consumed by BI client tools to improve query design time performance, but Dashboards did not implement it due to lack of Variable Management Panel to consume.As old design time API pulls out all metadata from BEx query while query panel creation, this will result in poor performance when opening complex BEx query at query design panel, like BEx query with too many hierarchies, too many dimensions, too many key figures and so on.

5.     BEx Conditions Conditions are definitions in the BEx query where a user is able to define a filtering like a Top 10 based on a specific key figure. Another example would be to exclude all values above / below a defined threshold.The workaround is to import the data into Spreadsheet and do the ranking with Excel formulas.

6.     Zero Suppression In BEx query properties, you are able to determine whether rows or columns that contain zeros as values are displayed or not displayed.The workaround is to import the data into Spreadsheet and do the ranking with Excel formulas.

7.     Mobile Dashboards Major Limitations

  • Query Prompt Selector is not supported;
  • Hierarchy Table is not supported, the structure of hierarchical data cannot be displayed on dashboards as the Hierarchy Table is the only component to show hierarchical data.
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