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Everybody loves dark themes.

As a part of the team that works on the tool called Fiori Tracker, I have prepared the dark theme for the Fiori launchpad. It has been a saver for our eyes while we are testing the tool.

Now you can download it and use in your projects too:

Here is a short description on how to install it:

  1. Log on to your SAP system to which you want to upload the theme.

  2. Start transaction /ui5/theme_tool

  3. Select Upload

  4. In the Open dialog box, navigate to the file location on your local disk where you have downloaded and choose Open

Administrators can change the SAP default theme for the launchpad in Customizing using the parameter THEME.

Also, each user can change the theme in the personalization settings if this option was enabled by an administrator. See Managing Your Settings on SAP Help Portal.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. It has been tested, but if you find any context where the new colors do not work right, then please let me know and I will correct it and make an update.

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