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Demonstrate the scenario of customizing the properties of view ui elements / hiding view fields using application configuration in SAP Webdynpro ABAP


Here I consider the scenario to hide the view ui elements: SECTIONTITLE_LBL & SECONDTITLE_DDLB in WD component HRRCF_C_PERSONL_DATA_UI using application configuration


Basic knowledge of Webdynpro ABAP

The current output of view is as below


Right click on application and go to create/change configuration option as below

The application configuration window opens up and give the configuration name: zwd_demo_config1 as below and click on NEW button

Provide the description for configuration and click on OK button as below

Save the application configuration in your respective package. Here I am saving it in temporary package

Now we need to create component configuration for customizing, hence click on the button:assign configuration name as below

Provide the component configuration name and click on OK button as below

Now the component configuration ZWD_DEMO_COMP_CONFIG1 is assigned as below

Click on component configuration id as show above and save the component configuration with description.

We have successfully created the component configuration as below

We are able to see the view and its elements in tree hierarchy as above.

Go the view ui elements SECTIONTITLE_LBL and click to see the properties of view ui element as below

We can customize all the properties of view ui elements as show above.

Here, we are going to check the properties INVISIBLE radio button and click on check box FINAL. i.e., Once we check the FINAL, user cannot customize the property.

Similarly, customize the ui element: SECONDTITLE_DDLB and SAVE the settings

Now go the WD application and add url parameter WDCONFIGURATIONID: ZWD_DEMO_CONFIG1 and save as below


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