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Hello All,

This blog post explains how to customize the list report application template to look like a worklist application.

FIORI Elements benefits :

  • SAP Fiori elements provide design patterns for UI and predefined templates for commonly and frequently applications.

  • We the developers can use SAP Fiori elements to create SAP Fiori applications based on OData services and annotations.

  • It requires no JavaScript UI5 coding and uses predefined views and controllers.

  1. Create a CDS view and expose it as an OData service.

  2. Create a Fiori app by selecting the project from a template

  3. Select the List Report templet.

  4. Create the Fiori app with below details

  5. Select the OData service

  6. Select the annotation files

  7. Select the entity set and click on finish

  8. Now run the Fiori elements app

  9. It will show look like below.

  10. I want to have the above Fiori app like below, Without variants, Additional filters, detail page, export to Excel, change the Go Text and widths of the columns.

  11. To customize the Fiori list report app right-click on the Fiori app and click on SAPUI5 visual editor

  12. Switch to Edit mode it looks like below.

  13. Go to the Manifest.json file.

  14. Change the table type to Responsive to Grid also remove the ObjectPage as we don’t have any navigation details using the below code.

  15. Set the Page Title visibility property as false as we don’t require that.

  16. Hiding the Adapt Filters

  17. Change the Go button text

  18. Set the Use Export to Excel to True to enable the Export to Excel button.

  19. Hiding the Settings icon.

  20. Also, I have changed the column width, Final output looks like below.

There is no JavaScript UI5 coding involved in this process, the app will be ready in 1hr with the simple steps.


Thank you for getting into my blog post.

Comments are always accepted.


Thanks and Regards,

Harsha Pagadala

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