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This was an ASUG webcast last month presented by Greg Sprowles, Kindred Healthcare.  Part 1 is here Customize SAP Design Studio for the Enterprise ASUG Webcast Part 1 and Part 2 is Customize SAP Design Studio for the Enterprise ASUG Webcast Part 2

Tips for Customization – Consistent Look and Feel

Figure 1: Source: Kindred

Figure 1 covers the look and feel with corporate brand, theme, and colors

As you develop those, and you are on the BI Platform, set up a common folder for style sheets, logos and images

For text formatting use style sheet instead of images

Consistently place controls and icons on the screen

Figure 2: Source: Kindred

Figure 2 shows the images; company logo goes in upper left.  Banner image is at the top.  They don’t have to be the same but the placement is the same.

Figure 3: Source: Kindred

Static images can be placed in stylesheet

Figure 4: Source: Kindred

Found situations where applications would render image and not

You can point to the folder or Base64 encode it

When they drop images in folder sometimes show up and not

With Base64 they removed issue of image rendering

Base64 is a larger raw image file

Figure 5: Source: Kindred

Make sure permissions are set for the user and folder and other developers are aware of the standards

With the NetWeaver platform it uses the MIME repository

Figure 6: Source: Kindred

Use style sheets for text in terms of fonts instead of images as shown in Figure 6

Figure 7: Source: Kindred

Consistency is key for placement of controls and icons

Filter icon is on the left; date selector is on the right along with the export icon

Try to provide a link to the BW Query for the user to give the user confidence in the data

For charts they placed a zoom for each chart to maximize the chart if the user has trouble seeing the chart.

Ease of Use

Figure 8: Source: Kindred

Figure 8 covers making applications easy to use

Maximize the real estate of the canvas – use scripting to dynamically filter and navigate

Provide access to the source data for ease of use and convenience

For the BW Query pass the filtered parameters via the URL

They embed a link to the training inside the application

Instead of starting from scratch, they start with the delivered templates.  The ad hoc template is similar to what they have with BEx web.

Figure 9: Source: Kindred

They used a button to stretch it vertically to hide and show the hierarchy panel using scripting as shown in Figure 9

Figure 10: Source: Kindred

Figure 10 shows using scripting to show monthly, quarterly, yearly view

Figure 11: Source: Kindred

Figure 11 shows export script and to ensure it matches what they want to export (monthly quarterly yearly)

Figure 12: Source: Kindred

Ad hoc Analysis template lets you drill down by rows, columns, or change hierarchy views

Figure 13: Source: Kindred

Figure 13 is a wrap up

SAP is making improvements with each version of Design Studio

Do not over code unless required

Use style sheets for a consistent look and feel


Links provided by Greg during the webcast:

SCN - Convergence of BI - SAP BusinessObjects BI Strategy and Roadmap Call Notes, Question and Answer

•VisualBI (DS Blogs) -

•DS on HANA Platform (Poovin Kumar) - Design Studio 1.3 on HANA Platform

•DS Best Practices (Anil Bavaraju) - SAP BusinessObject Design Studio - Best Practices

•Design Studio Utility Pack (Michael Howles) - Design Studio 1.2/1.3 SDK - Design Studio Utility Pack

•Image Encoding - How to embed images inside of a Design Studio App without uploading to server.

•Other Blogs - Design Studio 1.2 SDK - An Image Component free of MIME Repository worries


BI 2015

Upcoming ASUG BI Webinars - February 2015

Join ASUG this Tuesday for Best Practices and Additional Visualization Options for SAP Design Studio

Also May 4th, before ASUG Annual Conference starts, ASUG will have a pre-conference hands-on session featuring Design Studio and Lumira.  More information to come.

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