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This was an ASUG webcast last month presented by Greg Sprowles, Kindred Healthcare.  Part 1 is here: Customize SAP Design Studio for the Enterprise ASUG Webcast Part 1

Below are my notes.

Replacing Dashboards/XCelsius

Figure 1: Source: Kindred

Figure 1 shows comparisons, with Design Studio has limited controls, rendering is faster than Dashboards and can handle larger volumes of data

XCelsius has more mapping capability.

XCelsius can only render SAP Mobile app (not browser) on tablet – Design Studio can run on browser/SAP Mobile BI app.  See caution in red

Design Studio has scripting but much less is needed in Dashboards


Figure 2: Source: Kindred

You need to figure what user needed; they have over coded a Design Studio application and that decreases performance.

The more graphs and image used will impact performance.

He recommends staying on the latest support packs to improve performance.

See the NOTE in Figure 2 about sequential execution; this will change in 1.5.

Figure 3: Source: Kindred

Figure 3 shows a comparison of the platforms.  If use SAP Mobile BI app, you have to use the BI Platform for Design Studio.

NetWeaver performance in their test system is faster than BI platform.

Benchmarking blog shown in Figure 3 compares HANA vs. BIP – 12 seconds on HANA versus 28 seconds to load in BI platform.


Figure 4: Source: Kindred

Overall performance will be impacted how you do scripting

Figure 5: Source: Kindred

Figure 5 covers scripting events

On variable initialization – bind value to query variables

On startup – after variable initialization but before background processing

Then load additional data sources in the background

Figure 6: Source: Kindred

An example for startup variable shown in Figure 6 shows populating a list of values in a dropdown box

Sometimes you can’t bind directly to data source so include in startup event

Figure 6 shows populating a dropdown box, set text, and set background processing

Figure 7: Source: Kindred

The order of execution becomes important too, he said.

Figure 8: Source: Kindred

Global scripts allow you to “externalize” a value, such as a URL – a query string, type

Figure 9: Source: Kindred

Figure 9 shows notes about data sources; they execute serially

You can do things to leverage the same data source

Crosstabs require more data sources than a chart for each layout

In Figure 9 one query feeds the three charts

To be continued...


BI 2015

Upcoming ASUG BI Webinars - February 2015

Join ASUG this Tuesday for Best Practices and Additional Visualization Options for SAP Design Studio

Also May 4th, before ASUG Annual Conference starts, ASUG will have a pre-conference hands-on session featuring Design Studio and Lumira.  More information to come.

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