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This was an ASUG webcast last month presented by Greg Sprowles, Kindred Healthcare.

Below are my notes.

Figure 1: Source: Kindred

Greg said as a BW customer, he was looking for a replacement for their BEx web applications.

Figure 2: Source: Kindred

Design Studio is a tool for building BI applications including dashboards; it is more of a BI application

At design time it is Eclipse

All of Kindred’s data sources are BEx queries and views

Their mobile experience is it is best on the iPad; does not feel that Android experience is the same

He said to use local machine for a quick prototype

They use it on the BI Platform now

Figure 3: Source: Kindred

It is not 100% replacement for BEx Web (yet) and it is not a complete dashboarding tool the same as XCelsius

There are third party tools you can purchase (he mentioned Visual BI)

It is not a development tool for business users and not a self-service solution

Figure 4: Source: Kindred

Design Studio 1.4 brought in new features reflected in red in Figure 4

Figure 4 shows some limitations but there are third party components

You can use standard JavaScript; everything’s in BIAL

Figure 5: Source: Kindred

SAP is making progress, he said, and SAP is closing the gap.

Figure 6: Source: Kindred

From a customer perspective, Figure 6 shows a comparison between Design Studio and BEx Web.

Design Studio visually looks better but not a convenient print solution

Performance is comparable with BEx Web

Geo mapping is not in Design Studio; BEx Web has a dated component

Mobility is what is driving his company to Design Studio

Figure 7: Source: Kindred

Figure 7 shows what they have done – he suggests using the ad hoc template

They want to empower users for ad hoc analysis including the filter panel for navigation mode

Figure 8: Source: Kindred

Figure 8 shows the ad hoc template; he suggests starting with this as it is similar to BEx Web.

You can change display hierarchy at run time

Show and hide totals on the grid and bookmark views similar to BEx Web

Figure 9: Source: Kindred

Figure 9 shows allowing users to drill down into columns and rows similar to BEx Web

Figure 10: Source: Kindred

Figure 10 shows creating controls to allow the users to change queries / views infoproviders (and the code to do so as well)

Figure 11: Source: Kindred

They created a style sheet similar to the BEx web style sheet to make the transition easier to their users.

It is similar to the trade show theme.

To be continued...


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