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I would like to share one of the upcoming ASUG webinars here, as this is a success story around SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

Orlando Ledezma from Chamberlain will present how Chamberlain has changed their sales processes and moved to a situation where their sales force is receiving on-time analytical information on their mobile devices.

Here the webinar abstract:

Chamberlain will provide an overview how they moved from their existing sales process and sales analytics to a more agile sales approach with on-time analytical information available to the sales forces provided by SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. The speaker will provide an overview on the journey and their lessons learned through this process and a demo of the current approach.

In case you are asking yourself - Who is "Chamberlain", perhaps you know them better by one of their product lines, which is Liftmaster. Perhaps just go into your garage to see if you own one of their products.

Here the details on the webinar:

DATE CHANGE - due to technical issues, this webcast was moved to July 7th

Please note, that this is a ASUG webinar and that you need to be a ASUG member.

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