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The functionality for customer master archiving is used by business/client when the data is no longer used or not in operation. Sometimes archiving is used during de-commissioning of the company code/sales organization or system.

The customer master archiving can be leveraged using standard ECC functionality. It can be leveraged thru standard archiving objects present in the system. No enhancement is required.


Customer master data is stored and archived in three different areas:

  • General data

  • FI data (for a specific company code)

  • SD data (for a specific sales organization)

The term customer master data is used in both the FI and SD components.

To archive master data, you must set the deletion flag in the master record. You can set this flag for a complete customer or for individual company codes and sales organizations.

Archiving object FI_ACCRECV is used to archive data from different tables. The following table shows the reports available:

Function Report


  1. Below are the steps involved in Write Function for Archiving Customer Master.

a. Go to T-code SARA


b. Click on the Write Button and give the Variant name and Select Maintain Button

c. Give the Customer number and sales org that needs to be deleted. Click on Attributes. Give description and save.

d. Save the Variant and come back to the initial screen. Maintain the Start Date and Spool Parameters. Now Press the execute button and it displays a status message at the bottom “New Archiving Job was Scheduled


2. Below is the step involves in Delete function for Customer Master Archive

a. Delete

b. Now press the Delete button. Once you click on it you will be redirected to screen shown below Press the archive selection button and you will get a Pop-up display which shows you the completed write Session. Select the check boxes and click on OK button. Maintain start date and Spool parameters which is the same as the one you maintained for the Write Step


Can we use same functionality for Archiving Vendor Master data?

The functionality is similar to both customer and Vendor master data archiving. We can use same steps to archive Vendor master but the only difference is report which is used for write and delete function


The concepts described above on Archiving customer master data will help OTC consultants and master data consultant to acquaint themselves with this functionality & build a good foundation.

Do share your thoughts and feedback on the blog.


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