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As I explain here Influencing via Customer Connection to Enable the Installed Base – Web Intelligence customer connection improvements usually come through SAP notes or adapts, obtaining user group feedback.  SAP's gregory.botticchio explains it here as well. You want to help improve Web Intelligence? Here is how ...

Here are some of the improvements from the SAP Customer Connection program for Web Intelligence BI4.1:

Copy-paste between distinct Web Intelligence documents

Freeze Headers

Similar to the Excel "freeze panes" feature, BI 4.1 now offers this feature for Web Intelligence.    See example below:

You are in Design Mode, and you can select to Freeze Header Rows or columns.

List of value selector in formula editor

If you are in the formula editor you will see a list of values - simply double click it and the values appear.  See example below:

After double clicking on values it will display the list of projects in my query.

Customize data series colors in Web Intelligence

This is in the chart, and I have the option to format data series.

After selecting this option, the format data series popup appears, and I can adjust the color gradient.

This was one of the first customer connect programs for BI and the first time I followed it through ASUG.  Honestly between Influence Councils, Customer Engagement Initiatives, I wasn't sure about Customer Connect.  SAP's ingo.hilgefort suggested that ASUG participate. 

Note this is not available for all products but you have to request it. 

For more information join SAP's Gregory Botticchio for the ASUG Web Intelligence Influence Council at the ASUG BusinessObjects User Conference on Tuesday, 9/10, 4:00 pm

Still undecided?  Last year it was a popular session at the conference.

Note that the BI Platform Customer Connect is in the selection phase now.

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