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There is a standard "Trusted Receive" app which we wanted to use, but existing process setup and business requirements were such that we ended up developing a custom app.

This blog discusses the custom inbound delivery app we developed. Main gap and business requirement was that users should be able to search by PO# or SO# or External Ref# whereas standard app only supports either PO# or delivery#, but not both. Another requirement was to flip delivery complete indicator in PO before receiving delivery.

So the logic we used was

  1. User enters the delivery number.Check against delivery #, PO# or external Ref #

  2. Check that LIPS-WERKS = store number of the user, If not, throw an error message specifying "Delivery entered cannot be received at your store"

  3. In master view, show LIKP-VERUR and LIKP-LIFNR.

  4. In detail view, show fields MATNR, LFIMG, VGBEL from table LIPS

  5. If the user chooses to receive the delivery, create a 101 document for each occurrence of VGBEL by calling SAPLMIGO.

  6. 101 will be created by referencing VGBEL, VGPOS and WERKS

  7. If there is an error message specifying that the delivery complete indicator (EKPO-ELIKZ) is on, take out the delivery complete indicator EKPO-ELIKZ by referencing EKPO-EBELN = LIPS-VGBEL and EKPO-EBELP = LIPS-VGPOS.

  8. Create 101 again.

App Walkthrough

Step 1: Enter the PO# or SO# or External Ref# or choose from the list. If the number entered is External Ref# show all the POs associates with that number

Step 2: View details if required or receive.

Step 3: Review

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