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For those building apps, with on-premise Native Hana, the Web IDE is now available  from SPS11 onwards.

See the Developing with XS Advanced: A TinyWorld Tutorial  for a great intro.

The minor downside, at the moment, is that there is a lack of templates currently available. 

Below is a screen shot, from SPS12, showing only the MTA project template available.

In HCP by comparison there is a larger list of templates, including my personal favourite for desktop applications, the 'SAP Fiori Worklist application'

In this blog I've copied the Worklist code from HCP and included a simplified version of the  'Northwind' example OData, for Orders, with mockdata for testing.

The complete code is available to download at - Google Drive

Below is a screen shot of the Fiori Worklist App, running in SPS12 with the Mock data for testing.

The HCP templates are also setup with a nice framework to start building out your test cases. 

No excuses now anyone 😉

Below is the folder structure of this hybrid template, which includes a simplifed version of Northwind tables and custom Odata service.

Below is the Northwind Order table definition and Odata service.

For testing with the Mockserver I've included the Northwind metadata.xml and Orders.json test data.

I'm still working out the best way to do this, but to avoid hardcoding of the SAPUI5 libraies in each of the html files I've added properties in the mta.yaml as follows.

I'v defined the 'ui5_library' property as a variable in the xs-app.json file.

Finally in each of the html files, I then use the ui5_library variable to substitute the library at run time.

For testing I typically used the "/test/flpSandboxMockServer.html"

However to get the full experience with the functioning tables, and ODATA service use the main 'index.html' which you may hit errors similar to

"Error: Unsupported content type: multipart/mixed;boundary". See similar SCN issue

Following some helpful guidance from Thomas Jung, this is a known issue which may occur in the Web IDE, but is overcome by deploying the application similar to the steps in '2.1.4 Deploy the "Tiny World" Application'  in the  XSA Dev guide.

I hope you find this Template useful, while we wait for more Templates to be delivered in subsequent releases.

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