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I have come across lot of requirements where there is a need for suppressing the "No Data to Retrieve" message in WebI. So sharing how it could be accomplished when using RDBMS Based data sources such as Oracle, MS SQL Server. I am looking out for a solution to achieve the same when using BICS connection (Will Update this post when i find a solution).

Use Cases:

1. User required a custom message instead of "No Data Retrieved"

2. Scheduled report in PDF/XLS should always reach the user even if there is no data in the data source. Unlike earlier, if data is not retrieved, the report does not get sent when scheduled.

By using a combined query, following are the steps to add custom message.

1. Create a Dummy Object in the Universe with a value which will never appear in the report:
For Example,

2. Union the existing query in query panel using Dummy Object.

Ex. If existing query had Source, Value objects, then add a combined query with Dummy Source, Value

SQL Query:

3. Now apply a report level filter to filter out the dummy value from messing around the report blocks.

4. Now add single standing cell for a custom error message, say on the header part. And camouflage the font & Background.

5. Create a conditional formatting rule, an Alerter, to make the text visible, when the Dimension value is equal to the Dummy value.

Hoping that the above steps helps. Let me know in case you need any help on this. Or if you find any issues.

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