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In my earlier posts, I explained how to create a blinking text component and a i-Pad like on-off toggle button for BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0. In this post, I shall describe the new add-on I developed and shared in code exchange to achieve tooltip in a label component.

     While a wonderful blog by sara.g shows a simple way to achieve the same using existing components, this add-on offers provision to significantly enhance the tooltip in terms of look and feel. Initially, this add-on has only the option to manually specify the tooltip text or to bind it to a cell in the excel model. This uses the default look of the tooltip. But soon, in my next posts, I shall be enhancing the same with more styles :smile: .

Here are the features of this add-on :

General Tab:

This tab offers following options:

  • Manually specify the Label text or bind it to a cell in excel model.
  • Manually specify the tooltip text or bind it to a cell in excel model.

Behavior Tab:

This tab offers dynamic visibility option for the component similar to the other existing components.

Appearance Tab:

In this tab, we have common formatting options for the label text like:

  • Font family
  • Font size
  • Text decoration (bold / italic / underlined)
  • Text alignment
  • Text color

How does it look like in the canvas ?

You can find the full flex project here along with the add-on(xlx) file. Wait for my next blog for new tooltip styles.

Happy dashboarding :smile:

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