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Main aim of this document try to give some basic knowledge of how to create custom event in SAP Workflow.Here more briefly discussed about Change document concept custom event creation.Based on feedback i will improve myself and sharing my knowledge 


Events are used to trigger the workflows.

Custom Event creation concepts:

Custom events can be created by using all following ways.In below i am given i am small brief about all custom views.

Status management

     Transaction : BSVW. Its basically Function will create status profiles.Based on status profile status sequences we can raise the event.For example after PO creation.Status will flow from CREATED to RELEASED status.


From Message

     Transaction : SWUY. Its like wizard.Based on message number we can raise the events.


HR master

     Info-type linkages based event creation.Transactions :SWEHR1 SWEHR2 SWEHR3.


     BTE is nothing but FICO enhancement,Inside you can raise event by using create event FM. BTE wizard also you can use it by transaction : SWU_EWBTE - Business Transaction Events

Custom enhancement.

     you can raise event by using create event FM.

Change document

     Transaction SWEC. Change document object of your application needed here you can raise event for Document(PO,PR or DMS or etc.,) CREATE,CHANGE and DELETE.

Step1 : Creating custom event.

Copy BUS2089 ----> ZZBUS2089

Create Custom event : ZDELETE

Goto Transaction : SWEC

Find your approproate Change Document object

for Example Purchase order Change Doc object is : EINKBELEG.In the below image you can see standard linkage.

Copy any one of the line item and do the change for your custom event.

Make sure that Check box in Delete in the following screen shot.

Once linkage done whenever you are deleting the PO line item,Check SWEL. you can see Custom event got triggered.

Thanks all who motivated me to start Documentations...

Provide your valuable feedback to improvise or motivate me.Thanks Again.

Warm Regards,


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