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This is my entry to the SAP Low Code/No Code Challenge

In this post I explain my experience creating app using SAP AppGyver.


My App

The main purpose of the application is to record clients, projects and tasks, record payment for projects, distribute tasks among employees, accounting for the number of hours spent and salary payments, and visual statistics for all necessary parameters.

After some attempts to find best, easy to use and fast CRM system I decided to create my own CRM exactly for my needs. It's never easy to reinvent the wheel.

I chose Bubble as the backend as it contains the database and all the properties necessary for the backend.


The main functions of the application at the moment:

1. Registration and authorization of users, sending a verification code by email (Sendgrid service with dynamic templates is used), password recovery. Onboarding during the registration process.

2. Inviting colleagues to the team with pre-registration and sending an invite, as well as assigning an hourly cost.

3. Adding currencies, accounts, changing the name and address of the company.

4. Adding clients.

5. Adding projects with reference to the client, estimate of hours, rate per hour, choice of currency, reference to specific performers.

5. Adding tasks with the choice of the client and the project, as well as with the choice of the contractor.

6. Adding financial transactions: incoming payments, outgoing payments and transfers between accounts, viewing transactions with filtering.

7. Dashboard with statistics on projects, tasks and finances.


Within two weeks, I think I managed to achieve good results. The result can be seen in the screenshots, many things will still be improved, this is just the beginning.

Both mobile and desktop versions are already available. In a short time, the application will be released to the app stores, support for push notifications and other things will be added soon.

The design is at an early stage at the moment, I just added a few details that are different from the standard ones.


My Experience

I have previously used the SAP Appgvyer to create one small application with custom design and I liked the result.

I have always liked the flexibility with which you can make almost any design and connect any services using the REST API.

I even managed to help some people in the communities understand the SAP Appgyver and create applications based on it correctly.

The difficulty comes when I can't add needed functionality that isn't currently available, but we're all waiting for third party plugin support.

I wish everyone not to stop there and develop further in this direction.


Thanks to the entire SAP Appgyver team.



welcome screen



login screen



dashboard screen


projects overview


adding transaction


currency management



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