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Hi experts,

I'm a humble integration consultant, who has worked with SAP PI a few years and I'm starting my way in CPI.

I'm writing this post because SAP doesn't provide a message monitor for CPI content based on SAPUI5 even in 2018 in SAP PO 7.5 system, I'm talking about the following monitor:


I'm  want to share with us one undocumented OData service called "MPLOData" provided by SAP in SAP PO 7.5 that you can use to build a custom Cloud Integration Content message monitor.


The OData service is provided in the following path:



The metadata file looks very interesting:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<edmx:Edmx xmlns:edmx="" Version="1.0">
<edmx:DataServices m:DataServiceVersion="1.0" xmlns:m="">
<Schema Namespace="" xmlns="">
<EntityType Name="MPLHeader">
<PropertyRef Name="messageGUID"/>
<Property Name="messageGUID" Type="Edm.String" Nullable="false"/>
<Property Name="logStart" Type="Edm.DateTime" Nullable="true"/>
<Property Name="logEnd" Type="Edm.DateTime" Nullable="true"/>
<Property Name="sender" Type="Edm.String" Nullable="true"/>
<Property Name="receiver" Type="Edm.String" Nullable="true"/>
<Property Name="integrationFlow" Type="Edm.String" Nullable="false"/>
<Property Name="status" Type="Edm.String" Nullable="true"/>
<Property Name="nodeID" Type="Edm.Int32" Nullable="true"/>
<Property Name="messageSize" Type="Edm.Int64" Nullable="false"/>
<Property Name="transactionCount" Type="Edm.Int32" Nullable="false"/>
<NavigationProperty Name="MPLPart" Relationship="" FromRole="FromRole_MPL" ToRole="ToRole_MPL"/>
<EntityType Name="MPLPart">
<PropertyRef Name="messageGUID"/>
<Property Name="messageGUID" Type="Edm.String" Nullable="false"/>
<Property Name="mplPart" Type="Edm.String" Nullable="false"/>
<NavigationProperty Name="MPLHeader" Relationship="" FromRole="ToRole_MPL" ToRole="FromRole_MPL"/>
<Association Name="MPLHeader_MPLPart">
<End Type="" Multiplicity="1" Role="FromRole_MPL"/>
<End Type="" Multiplicity="1" Role="ToRole_MPL"/>
<EntityContainer Name="MPL_CONTAINTER" m:IsDefaultEntityContainer="true">
<EntitySet Name="MPLHeaderSet" EntityType=""/>
<EntitySet Name="MPLPartSet" EntityType=""/>
<AssociationSet Name="Association_set_mpl" Association="">
<End EntitySet="MPLHeaderSet" Role="FromRole_MPL"/>
<End EntitySet="MPLPartSet" Role="ToRole_MPL"/>


A JSON sample response looks like this:

"d": {
"results": [{
"__metadata": {
"id": "http://<HOST>:<PORT>/MPLOData/MPLODataServlet.svc/MPLHeaderSet('AFpg5m8s84Uo8rToykCiN9oq__Tf')",
"uri": "http://<HOST>:<PORT>/MPLOData/MPLODataServlet.svc/MPLHeaderSet('AFpg5m8s84Uo8rToykCiN9oq__Tf')",
"type": ""
"messageGUID": "AFpg5m8s84Uo8rToykCiN9oq__Tf",
"logStart": "\/Date(1516299887520)\/",
"logEnd": "\/Date(1516299887598)\/",
"sender": null,
"receiver": null,
"integrationFlow": "dummy_project",
"status": "COMPLETED",
"nodeID": null,
"messageSize": "0",
"transactionCount": 0,
"MPLPart": {
"__deferred": {
"uri": "http://<HOST>:<PORT>/MPLOData/MPLODataServlet.svc/MPLHeaderSet('AFpg5m8s84Uo8rToykCiN9oq__Tf')/MPLPart"


After a few lines of SAPUI5, you can get a custom Cloud Integration Content message monitor in SAPUI5:


Home screen:

Time period filter:

Status Group filter:

Status filter:

IFlow filter:

Maximun number of Results filter:

GUID filter:

I run a search by time period:

I built 4 basic reports:

you can choose the type of output, chart or table:

Example of the status chart:

Example of the status report table:

I click on a message, and I can see the detail, i.e. the log of a successfully processed message:

The log of a message processed in Failed status:

The IFlows report type looks like this:

The IFlows report type table:

The Days report type looks like this:

the table of the report type Days:

The processing time by IFlow chart looks like this:

The processing time by IFlow report :


I will explain how to add your custom Cloud Integration Content message monitor to the Cloud Integration Content Managment Cockpit in a few steps:

You need access to file system of the SAP PO 7.5 server.

1-Paste the view & controller in the following location:

2-Add the libraries as follow:

3-Add the view & controller scripts:

4-Add an ID and the view name:

5-Add a new IconTabFilter for the previous ID

6-Delete all the content of the following location:

7-Restart the application in NWA:

8-Clear the browser cache or open an incognito windows

9-Go to Cloud Integration Content Management Cockpit

10-A quick test

11-Check the results


I hope to see something similar or better in the next versions of SAP PO 😉


Enjoy it!


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