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Current Credit Limit in AR

In one of our requirements we came across with the AR
scenario which requires reporting on Customer’s current credit limit along with
AR line Items.

  1. The Data model was setup like for AR line Items
    extracted from 0FI_AR_4 & Credit limit was extracted from 0FI_AR_9.
  2. Lookup for Credit limit using key 0DEBITOR &
    0C_CTR_AREA the 0CRED_LIMIT was fetched to Line Items.


  • In this Model if there is a change in Customer’s
    Credit limit due to some reasons but there is no transaction been generated,
    this will not be reflected in Delta records & also in reports.
  • Current credit limit- since credit limit will
    keep on changing with respect to time so how we will ensure that historical
    data will be adjusted.

    So we have created another characteristic ZCCDEB which is
compounded with 0C_CTR_AREA & have 0CRED_LIMIT as the attribute of it &
mapped it with Transformation from 0FIAR_O09 (the ODS contain Credit Limit.)

Now the flow is like below:


Transformation Mappings with ZCCDEB

Pic -2

Now if there are any changes in Customer’s Credit limit then it
will be fetched by dataSource 0FI_AR_9 Delta records,

Now to display the current Credit limit in reports we need
to create the Formula variable on ZCCDEB with processing type as Replacement
Path & replace with attribute Value which is Credit Limit.

Pic -3

Also make sure ZCCDEB is part of your data model with
assignment from 0DEBITOR.

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