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In this blog I am going to discuss about Currency conversion in  SAP Analytics Cloud. This scenario is required if no target converted Key figure or measure provided from back end.

Implement below three step to create a converted Key figure in Target currency -

1. Create a currency conversion table .

2. Create a SAC Model using source data.(Planning is preferable).

3.  Create a story to display the converted Key figure .

Let's discuss all the step's in details -

## Create a currency conversion table :

A. Go to Home , Modeler and then "Currency Conversion" Tab and click on  +  Sign to add Currency Conversion Table.


B. Name the table as "CR_CONVERSION". Copy from you excel data which created in below version and paste to the table. Change the date format as expected by the system. Save it.


The full excel details data you can get it from a SAP provided table also "SAP_ALL_CURRENCY".

## Create a SAC Model using source data : 

A. Create a Model using import of the below excel file in your tenant. -



Name as source data model as "source_data" and create a model.

Do not forget to change the following setting before you move save the model -

  • Organization and currency setting for Country.


  • Check the date format for Document date MM/DD/YYYY  :

Go to the "source_data" model preference and change the settings  for currency. This step is very important as currency enablement is required.


## Create a Story to calculate Target currency value using add cross calculation field. Our objective is to create a scenario where a user can provide input for target currency.

A. Go to home and crate a story with table format . Along with all the required dimensions and add a cross calculation dimension -



B. Create a cross calculation and create an input control  -




C. A input will be created on the Story Page . Please it to the proper location . Now you Story is ready to convert to the target currency using input control currency conversion -

Hope this will help.
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