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Introduction To CTS+ Transport Organizer In PI

  • CTS+ Transport Organizer: you can transport the objects from SAP Net Weaver PI or SAP PO with CTS + tool.

  • ESR objects

  • Integration  Directory Objects

  • Developed Objects can be moved from Development environment to Quality, Staging, and Production Environment.

  • Create TR and export objects from ESR and ID level to the created TR and release it into Quality and other Environments.

  • Please refer to below screen shots.



1)  ESR or ID level -->Tools-->Open CTS Transport Organizer


2)      Provide User Id and Password



3)      To create Transport Request Number

          Click on “Create Request


4)      Give “Description” about Interface and select “Preselect Request for Owner”.


5)       As shown below transport request number is created.


6)      Now go to ESR and right click on the objects and click on “EXPORT”.


7)       Give name and description about transport objects and click on “CONTINUE”.


😎       Select the objects which to be moved into TR and click on “Continue”.


9)      Crosscheck Transport number and click on Continue and lastly click on Finish.


  10)  The exported objects can be seen in object list in CTS + window.

11)  Now click on “Release” to release the TR from your end and Basis Team move this TR to Quality.

12)  In the same way move Integration Directory Objects using CTS+ Tool.

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