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1)      Latest Version of tp and R3trans in Solution Manager and PO systems. Follow SAP NOTE 1825812 to update the same.

2)      Follow SAP NOTE 1003674

TMS Configuration


3)      Configuring Transport domain controller for Non-ABAP System

Log on to your chosen AS ABAP System (Solution Manager), in client 000 and start transaction STMS

4)      Navigate to Overview—> Systems. Choose SAP System —> Create—> Non-ABAP System from the menu.

a)      Creating Non-ABAP system as source system (PI DEV).


· Under Source System Settings, select the Activate Transport Organizer flag and enter the client of the ABAP communication systems (Default Solman client) where you want to use Transport Organizer.

· In the Field System, enter you PO Development SID and Description of System.

· Under communication System area, in Name filed, enter Solman SID

·Click on Save 

b)      Creating Non-ABAP system as target system (PI QA and PRD Systems)

  • Under Target System Settings, select the Activate Deployment Service flag.
  • Select the required deployment methods, Select XI/PI.
  • Enter the host of your target system (Here PI QA System) in the field Target Host in the format <FQDN> and the two-character system number in the System No. field.
  • In the Field System, enter your PI QA SID and Description of System.
  • Under communication System area, in Name filed, enter Solman SID

  • Click on Save
  • In the pop-up add user NWDI_CTSADM, Created in Step 11.

User can also be maintained in STMS as shown below.

5)      Follow similar steps as in point ‘b’ for creating Non-ABAP PRD system.

6)      Configure Transport Route and Switch to change mode in client 000.

7)      Create a transport layer as follows:-

From the menu, choose Edit —> Transport Layer —> Create

😎      Enter Transport Layer Name and Description

· Click on

9)      Follow below link now to create Transport Route

Till here TMS is configured for PO system in Solution Manager as a Domain Controller.

Users Creation

10)      Create Service user CTSSRVUSER in Solution Manager Default Client.

a)      Create Role Z_CTS_PLUS_ADDITIONAL with below Authorizations.


11)      Create User NWDI_CTSADM as an (Technical User) in PI QA and PRD System with below Roles.

a)                     a)   SAP_XI_CMS_SERV_USER

a)                     b)   SAP_XI_DEVELOPER_J2EE

a)                     c) SAP_XI_CONFIGURATOR_J2ee


Create RFC Destination for Java to ABAP Connectivity.

12)      Log on to the NetWeaver Administrator of PI DEV system. Create new RFC Destination under Configuration Management → Infrastructure → Destinations.


a)                a)    Click on create


a)                b)    Provide Information as below

· Hosting System: Local Java System <SID>

· Destination Name:

· Destination Type: RFC

· Click on Next

a)                         c)    Provide Information for Solution Manager, CTS+ Host.

· Load Balancing: No

· Local System Connection: Unchecked

· Target Host: FQDN of Solution Manager

· System Number: <Solution Manager>

· System ID: <Solution Manager>

· Gateway Host: <Solution Manager>

· Gateway Service: <Solution Manager>

· SNC: Active or Inactive

· Click on Next


a)                      d)    Provide User Details created in step 10 and Solution Manager Default client


a)                   e)  Click on Finish


a)                          f)    Ping Destination to check RFC.


Activating the Web Service for Transport Organizer Web UI

13)      Logon to SMP Default Client, Right Click and activate CTS_BROWSER Web Service


Configure the CTS Deploy Web Service

14)      Logon to SMP and call Transaction SM59


15)      Click on Create RFC of connection type G


16)      In the next screen provide entries as below

· RFC Destination: CTSDEPLOY

· Target Host: Host Name of Solution Manager

· Service No: 5<Solman Instance no>00

17)      Provide J2ee_Admin User credential of Solution manager


18)      Choose the Special Options tab page. Select Specify Timeout and insert timeout value of 3600000 or -1


Configure Logical port for the Web Service

Note: This has to be configured in client 000 Solution Manager System. Make sure your client is open for “Automatic recording of changes”. Once port created change it back to “No changes allowed”.

19)      Call Transaction LPCONFIG


· Continue by ignoring warning

20)      Provide Information as below and click on create


· Logical Port :CTSDEPLOY

· Description :CTS Deploy Service

· Default Port :Checked

21)      Under Call Parameters tab provide Information as below

· HTTP Destination: CTSDEPLOY

· Path Suffix :  /DeployProxy/default?style=document

22)      Dialog box is displayed that prompts you to specify a customizing request. Enter your changes in a change request


23)      Activate Logical Port


Configuring CTS Parameters on PI DEV system

24)      Open URL  http://<HOST>:PORT/dir/start/index.jsp for PI DEV and click on Administration


25)      Click on Property configuration tab under Repository Tab.


26)      Go to Service tab and filter on *XPI* and select XPI Service: All Config Service


27)      Filter on *cts* under Properties tab


        Default Value for above two highlighted parameters is False.

28)      Change parameter value to, True

· Select and click on modify

· Enter custom Value True and click on set

· Similarly change value for

· After setting above parameters CTS+ option is enabled

29)     Configuration of CTS+ for PI JAVA only is completed now.

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