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Live Activity center uses Enterprise Search Framework (ESF) to search for objects. The aim of this document is to provide information about the way to add PDI extension fields into Enterprise Search and how to consume them through Live Activity.

For those cases where you want to add KUT extension fields, instead of PDI fields, look at this other post I wrote.



SAP Enterprise search helps you find apps and central business objects from the search bar. This is a search solution providing unified, comprehensive, and secure real-time access to enterprise data and information from within and outside of a company. The search returns both structured data (business objects) and unstructured data (HTML files, presentations, documents) from SAP systems and other search providers and allows direct access to the associated applications and actions.

Every application that uses SAP NetWeaver as its underlying technology platform can use Enterprise Search as the technology for basic searches. Enterprise Search allows you to search all structured data in an application in a unified way. Enterprise Search contains tools for creating and changing search models.



On the following screens, I will show how to extend Enterprise Search through a field that was created through PDI.

Let’s say we have extended the Service Request business object by adding a field called BkBookingCode. Our goal is to extend the Tickets search by adding this specific field.

In order to do this, you first need to be logged in into your DEV tenant with a user which has a business role with PDI authorization. Also, you will need to enable 'Admin mode' through SDK. For dong this, click on Administration menu and then:

Once that the Admin Mode is enabled, you need to right click over the business object on the Solution Explorer and select 'Enhance Enterprise Search':

When clicking this option, a popup will get triggered and here, it will be required to select the field which wants to be added into the ESF. In case it is required to add more than one field, the process needs to get repeated once per field.

After selecting the field and clicking on OK, a new tenant window will get opened. In case you have not switched into Admin Mode, you will get the following a screen similar to the following one:

In case the previous steps have been followed accordingly, the tenant will show a screen listing those objects where the field can be added. On this case, it can only extend the Ticket object search so, it is required to mark the relevant object and then click on 'Add Field' button. Screen may freeze for some seconds so, just wait for it to come back.

Only remaining point is to check that this has worked so jump into your tenant, access Service workcenter and click on 'Live Activity Center'.

Next, you need to mark the ESF screen of the Live Activity Center just to only search for 'Tickets' so you will also need to unselect the 'All Categories' option:

Finally, click on the filter button in order to expand the available fields and you should see there the enabled field, generally speaking, at the bottom:

Hope you find this blog useful for you. Feel free to leave comments and queries on it, they are very welcome!

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