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As per C4C release 1802, in RUI, it is possible for an agent to make an outbound call, from any  screen, and by just making a simple click. This will create an outbound phone activity, which is linked to the call. This should also generate an interaction against a Customer, in case the Ticket is linked to it.



  • User must have Live Activity center assigned to it.

  • CTI integration should be enabled.

  • Live Activity configuration must have the appropriate settings for the provider, the provider type should be CTI Adapter and Provider URL field should be blank.



The outbound call, also known as Click to Call feature, can be triggered from the following tabs:

  • Individual Customer > Quick View > Phone

  • Account > Quick View > Phone

  • Contacts > Quick View > Phone

  • Leads > Quick View > Phone

  • Tickets > Quick View > Contact Phone / Contact Mobile

  • Also, it can be triggered from Contacts tab under those of the previous objects that have it, i.e. Accounts.



These instructions are pertinent to customers who have integrated using CTI adapter. (Customers using their own call system need not follow these steps). Follow these steps to enable the Click to Call feature in the Fiori client via CTI adapter:


1) Uninstall the current version of CTI Adapter installed on your machine.

2) Download and install the latest SAP CTI Adapter from the Download section. An older version of CTI Adapter (prior to 1805 release) will not work with Fiori client.

3) Download the CTI Connector project from:  on the Help Portal.

4) In case you have the Visual Studio already installed, ignore this step. Otherwise, download Visual Studio IDE (Community version) from:

When installing it, it is key to mark “Desktop Development with C++” in order to get the Build menu.

5) Extract the zip file, install CTI Connector and import the project to Microsoft Visual Studio from: C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAPCODCTIConnector\SAPCODCTIConnector.

6) Open file OutboundCallHandler.cs and add the logic in the dialOut method to pass the phone number and context information to the CTI solution.

7) Next, save the file and build the project to generate a new SAPCODCTIConnector.dll file.

8) Once the SAPCODCTIConnector.dll file is generated, copy the DLL to: C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP Cloud for Customer CTI Client to deploy the DLL.

9) Restart the adapter.

10) Test to execute an outbound call. Remember that functionality is not available from any place, only from those mentioned on the “Triggering Screens” section.

11) You can check outbound logs by accessing the corresponding file located on: C:\Users\<your_user>\AppData\Local\SAP\SAPC4CClientAdapter\log.


Hope you find this blog useful and interesting!




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