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In the previous post about Crystal Reports Cross-Tab, I described how to divide a month into dynamic periods such 3 days or 5 days...

In this post,I will describe how to add accumulative summary into a cross-tab as shown in the screenshot

First, right click on the summary field prior to where you want to add the accumalative summary field. In the example, Net Qty. / Mon..

Next, choose Embedded Summary > Insert Embedded Summary as shown in the following Screenshot:

A new summary field will appear named Embedded Summary. Right click on it and choose Embedded Summary > Edit Calculation Formula.

Add the following formula:

Local NumberVar i;

Local numberVar v;

For i := 0 To CurrentColumnIndex Do


v:=v+GridValueAt(CurrentRowIndex, i, CurrentSummaryIndex-1)



Note that, the GridValueAt function in the formula GridValueAt(CurrentRowIndex, i, CurrentSummaryIndex-1) will get the data from the previous summary field. Otherwise, CurrentSummaryIndex-1 hast be changed.

Best regards,


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