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This was an ASUG webcast that SAP  provided last week.  The usual legal disclaimer applies.

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Source: SAP

Customers are using SAP Analytics Cloud but want to analyze in Excel

Created interaction - Analysis Office can consume native SAP Analytics Cloud models

Source: SAP

Today in Analysis Office you can create a connection to the cloud

Source: SAP

At this point there was a demo

Source: SAP

Planned for 2018 - consuming SAP Analytics Cloud planning models using Analysis Office

Can only reach native models


Source: SAP

This is under discussion

Bring it to the cloud

Source: SAP

Concept of bringing scripting and bringing own UI themes and style sheets - under discussion

Source: SAP

Developer can improve/enrich using functionalities

Applications are planned to be separate from the stories

Stories - create charts and data


Question & Answer

Q: Is the application building replacing design studio?

A: no it won't replace design studio

Q: Is it possible to publish Lumira Designer dashboards to the Analytics Cloud? Is that what Application Building will be for?

A: early stage, not planned...not possible right now.


Q: Can you speak about the upcoming modeling capabilities

A: SAP Analytics Cloud - working on bringing in more calculations and capabilities

Q: Will the EPM add-in disappear?

A: no

Q: Yes Story Building part of Lumira 2.

A: not the same, will be differences - idea is more on premise and in cloud

Q; Can you talk about current theme options, like setting default color scheme for charts?

A: You can define your own color palettes and templates of stories in SAP Analytics Cloud


Q: So similar to Design Studio/ Lumira Designer will JavaScript knowledge be needed for application building (is that the product name?)

A: not required

Q: Analysis can be modified locally and apply required calculation logics but locally. However, can we publish analysis to be used by others same as SAP BO reports?

A: Share workbooks and share

Q: Do you expect the application building to be a separate license or part of SAC_BI

A: no idea

Q: Do you expect the application building feature to be available by SAPPHIRENOW 2018 timeframe?

A: can't timeframe; keep eyes open

Q: Is SAP Analytics Cloud supported in the SAP Analytics Hub?

A: yes

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