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When developing ABAP code, there are two approaches for referencing dependencies,

A: Copy/duplicate the code. Discover syntax errors or bugs when the corresponding pull request is opened. Check the blog post "Automagic standalone renaming of ABAP objects" for a description of this setup.

B: Static references

This blog post deals with scenario "B", where multiple developers works across multiple repositories building a statically referenced application.

It is only possible to have one active version of an object in an ABAP system, and code must evolve, not always staying backwards compatible.

This can give syntax errors in repositories referencing changed code, in order to mitigate this, its now possible to automatically perform cross repository syntax checks before merging using abaplint.

Say, for the example diagram below, a pull request is opened in "Repository 1", this will trigger 3 syntax checks,

  • Repository A, branch "main"

  • Repository B, branch "main"

  • Repository B, branch "branch1"

Against the code in the branch of the pull request. This gives early feedback to developers, giving the possibility of fixing issues before they hit "main".

Real life example

Pull request removes objects used in

An error was discovered and reported in

Successfully mitigated by marcbernardtools before merge 😊


As always, from 702 and up, try it out today 🤠
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