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The Daredevils snapped their seven match Indian Premier Twenty20 losing streak by successfully overhauling KKR in the 20th over on Saturday evening to win by four wickets with three balls remaining. With their vaunted attack, KKR felt confident with a 166 run innings but Delhi produced some potent final overs to pass the Knight Rider's total. After loading match data into SAP HANA we can gain insights from visualizations created with an online connection to SAP Lumira.

The Daredevils scored 10 or more runs in six of their overs including an explosion for 22 runs in the 18th over. Check out the match's Manhattan chart we can quickly build in SAP Lumira.

In SAP Lumira we can plot the runs scored by all of the Daredevil batsmen during their innings in an area chart. Dinesh Karthik scored 56 runs on 40 balls with six boundaries for a strike rate of 140. Unbeaten Jean-Paul Duminy's 52 runs on 35 balls produced an even better strike rate of 148.57. The South African's innings were concluded with a game clinching six on the 117th ball of the innings.

With SAP Lumira we can quickly create a bar chart showing how many runs each of KKR's six bowlers conceded during the match. We can further break down each individual bar by bowling detail to see which types of balls resulted in the most runs for Delhi batsmen. Morne Morkel conceded 41 runs to the Daredevils, the highest total of the match, including 34 runs from balls with no movement. Check out the bar chart below.

Keep your eyes peeled for more visualizations created in SAP Lumira using historical Indian Twenty20 data from SAP HANA. Please check back regularly during the tournament for more insights about the daily action.

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-Tom Flanagan

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