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The Abu Dhabi fans witnessed a high-powered affair on Friday afternoon when Kings XI Punjab put on a batting clinic to catch Chennai's 205 runs. With fantastic batting form Maxwell and Miller, Punjab kept pace and then finally surpassed the Super King's impressive 10.25 runs per over to win the match by six wickets with seven balls remaining. Using an online connection to SAP HANA we can quickly visualize match data in near real-time with SAP Lumira.

After Punjab's bowlers conceded the highest amount of runs in an innings in this year's young tournament their batsmen more than meet the lofty target in the second innings. With SAP Lumira we can quickly create a Manhattan chart of the match's action. Note the 13th over in which Maxwell hit four successive boundaries and fooled the bowler into bowling a wide to lead his side to a 22 run over.

Punjab's Glenn Maxwell was an absolute force in the crease scoring 95 runs on 43 balls for a splendid strike rate of 220.93. Using SAP Lumira we can plot the number of runs Maxwell scored ball by ball. Twice the man of the match hit four consecutive boundaries and finished with a total of 17 boundaries in his electric innings. 

With SAP Lumira we can dive even further into Maxwell's clinical innings to examine what combinations of batting shot, connection, and foot placement produced the most runs. The right-handed Australian scored 10 of his runs using front footed drive shots off the middle of his bat and 8 runs from front footed reverse sweeps off the left of his bat.

Even though the Super Kings's bowlers failed to protect their 205 run target, the Chennai batsmen must feel satisfied with their performance in the first innings and if they continue to replicate that they will be a force through out the tournament. With Lumira we can graph the run production of all of Chennai's batsman during their innings. Check out the nine sixes Chennai hit.

Keep your eyes peeled for more visualizations created in SAP Lumira using historical Indian Twenty20 data from SAP HANA. Please check back regularly during the season for more insights about the daily action.

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-Tom Flanagan

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