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Hello All,

This is continuous for my First Part

Creation of Repository, Datastore and Replication of ECC Data using BODS with SQL DB Part I

In this blog i am going to explain

1) Repository Configuration

2) Data store Creation

3) Replication of SAP ECC data.

1) Process of Configuring Repository :

Login to Central Management Console

Choose Data Services

Goto Manage tab --> Choose Configure Repository

Provide the DS_REPO details

The DS_REPO has been confiugured in CMC

Right click and choose User Security

Choose Administrator

Choose required Access Levels and select “ > ” symbol

Choose Advanced tab

Click on Add/Remove Rights

Assign required authorizations as per your requirement

Choose Data Services Repository, assign required Authorizations and Choose Apply and click on OK

Now we will be able to view the Repository and login to Data Services

2) Process of Data Store Creation :

After logging into Data Services Choose Create Datastore

Here provide the details of SAP ECC system

But here in the down i have faced an issue related to Job Server. To resolve that need to create Job server

Login to Data Services Server Manager and Choose configuration Editor

Choose Add

Provide the required details and choose OK

The Job Server has been created

Able to view the Job Server.

Choose Access Server tab

Create an empty folder for BODS_SHARE and browse that path

Choose Close and restart

Data server job is done, now in the down tab we are able to see Job Server.

Next Choose Create Datastore

Provide the ECC details and BODS_SHARE path

The Data Store SAP_EH6 has been created.

3) Replication of SAP ECC data :

To Import the tables from EH6 --> Right click on Table -->Choose Import by Name

Give any table name, Eg. Mara

The table has been imported successfully.

Hope this is Helpful...


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