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It took about 12 years of working in the SAP domain until this happened: Today, I was confronted with the task of creating a SAP namespace.
It's actually not that hard, and I took some screenshots while doing so, and will now gladly walk you through it.

(Please note: I do not touch the topic of why you would want to create your own namespace in the first place (rather than using Y* or Z*) here. I want to leave this to either a discussion via comments or another blog maybe!)

1. Creation a new namespace? There's an App for that!
Find it in SAP ONE SUPPORT Launchpad:

2. Choose a name. Tipp: keep it as short as possible - Namespace-Characters are deducted from the available total characters.


3. Give a description and your customer number (or: one of your system’s installation number).

4. Agree to some legal text


5. Shortly watch the nice turning arrows 🙂


6. There you go: your namespace is registered!

7. Now - with just a click - you can create the Dev- and Repair-keys with it.


Remembering (well, copy!) those, you can leave the SAP ONE Launchpad.

8. In your dev system, in SE03 there’s the namespace-section:

9. Enter the data of your newly created namespace + save.

10: Now go ahead and try it out: se21: create a package. AdT/Eclipse: create some demo report.

Your done! 🙂

Now over to you:
Have you ever created a Namespace? Or maybe even multiple ones?
What experiences, learning and considerations can you share?

Your input is most welcome!

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