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Hi Everyone,

In my previous document Keyboard Shortcuts in HANA Studio , I told you about Keyboard Shotcuts that are already available in HANA Studio

In this document, I am going to share with you how we can create our own customized Keyboard Shortcuts.

We can change any existing shortcuts and we can also create new shortcuts that are not available in HANA Studio.

For this we will have to navigate to: Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys

You will see the below screen:

From above image, we can see that we have two drop down menus - Scheme and When and few other fields.

We have three Schemes in there: Modeler, Default and Emacs as shown below:

Default and Modeler are almost same and have same options in When Drop Down menu as shown below:

Scheme Emacs is for Editor Shortcuts and it has different options in When Drop Down menu as shown below:

I am using Default scheme in this document.

So now lets say I want to create a new shortcut so that I am able to see all the perspectives and then switch to the one I want.

For this I will type "perspective" in the filter box and I will get a list of all available options as shown below:

Now I want to create a shortcut for "Show Perspective" but as seen above no shortcut has been assigned to it.

So for assigning a shortcut, I will go to Binding box and press the Keys - lets say I pressed SHIFT+P. It automatically types in the keys when I press.

Now I will go to When Drop Down menu and select where I want these keys to work - Lets say I selected "In Windows".

Now I will press Click Apply and OK.

The binding value "SHIFT+P" is now mapped to "Show Perspective" and I am ready to use the shortcut now.

So now when I will press the shortcut "SHIFT+P" in Windows, I will see the below screen:

Generally as a Modeler we create a lot of Views, but there is no shortcut to create any View directly.

So lets create a shortcut to directly create a New Calculation View:

Lets say I gave binding value "ALT+C" for creating a new Calculation View as shown below:

So now when I will press the shortcut "ALT+C" in Windows, I will see the below screen:

If you all remember in the first Image, there is a Conflicts box at the right hand side, so lets discuss when this box will come in use.

As shown above I have already mapped "SHIFT+P" to "Show Perspective".

Lets say I again tried to bind the same shortcut "SHIFT+P" to "Show Perspective(Administration Console)".

If i will try this, i will see Conflict in the Conflict box as shown below:

From the above image, it is clearly visible that "SHIFT+P" combination is mapped to two commands.

So now we can easily change key combination for one of the commands and resolve this issue.

Similarly, if we want to change binding for any command, we can select it and then select Unbind Command.

Similarly, if we want to restore any Command to its default, we can select Restore Command.

In this document, I just showed you a couple of shortcuts that I ceated, similarly we can create any number of shortcuts in HANA Studio.

Thanks for reading my blog

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