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Usually test data does not exist in source systems to load in SAP BW. Even if some test data is available to load, then we need to create complete data flow which time consuming effort.

By using this method, you can create sample transaction data using master data or to create data even without existing master data. This method can be used to generate as many records as needed and also to edit the sample data to refine it further.

Step 1:
Execute Transaction SE38 enter program name CUBE_SAMPLE_CREATE and click on Execute.

Step 2:

Enter the name of the InfoCube for which the sample data needs to be created, as well as the number of records to be generated. Finally click Execute Directly.

On execution— depending upon the chosen mode— the system will generate random master data and transaction data values, generate transaction data based on master data, or allow direct entry of transaction data.

The three modes available for data creation are as follows:

Generated Values:  With this mode, you can generate values without referencing any master data. The system generates dummy values for the master data objects and generates the transaction data based on that. This is truly dummy data, and you may use this option if you don’t have any master data available in the system.

Vals from Master Data Table: This mode generates the sample data using values from the master data. The system automatically uses the master data tables of the InfoObjects included in the InfoCube and generates transaction data based on that.

Ready-For-Input ALV: The third mode for data creation is to generate data using data entry. This option allows the user to enter data directly on the screen.

You’ll be able to see the requests that are generated for the data creation activity in the InfoCube Monitoring screen.

With this process, you can create as much mockup data as you need, and the data will be available in the InfoCubes for testing.

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